MiA health
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We take care of your customers' health

MiA health is our catalog of solutions that incorporates prevention and medical assistance services, increasing the loyalty of your clients and improving their quality of life.

We have the best network of providers in the health sector committed to prioritizing the care of our customers as well as the quality and excellence in the provision of each service.

100% digital, fast and easy

We put at your disposal all our digital capabilities for a constant improvement of your customers' experience.

Our solution allows you to request assistance and follow up the service via Chat, PWA, WhatsApp, Web, video call or phone, from any place and device.

Example of program


  • Out-of-hospital medical expenses (Domestic)
  • Accidental death 24h
  • Accidental permanent disability 24h
  • Teleconsultation (General Practitioner)
  • Video medical consultation (General practitioner)
  • On-site medical consultation (General Practitioner)
  • Accompanying person in sanatorium
  • Dispatch of a doctor
  • Ambulance dispatch
  • Nursing care (Convalescence at home)
  • Domestic help (Convalescence at home)
  • School support (Convalescence at home)
  • Child care (Convalescence at home)
  • Pet care (Convalescence at home)
  • Travel medical assistance (Domestic)
  • Telephone medical counseling
  • Telephone psychological counseling
  • Telephone nutritional/fitness counseling
  • Telephone pediatric counseling
  • Discounts in medical network (excluding dental)