MiA home
Innovative solutions for the home

Proactive and easy-to-access solutions

Mia home is our package of solutions that enables the management of asset and personal protection services, under a modular and flexible partnership model.

A portfolio of services designed to complement the offer of our business partners, as well as for individual distribution.

MiA home, your best ally

Our home solution geolocates the client and automatically assigns the best professional. It also allows you to schedule appointments and follow up in real time via Web, Chat, PWA, WhatsApp, video call or phone, from any location and device.

Example of program


  • Locksmith Emergency
  • Glass Emergency
  • Plumbing Emergency
  • Electrical Emergency
  • Gas Emergency
  • Connection with home professionals
  • Discount Club (home professionals)
  • Ambulance (ground) home pickup
  • Domestic assistance
  • School tutoring
  • Psychological counseling
  • Telephone Veterinary Counseling