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Insurance Industry Solutions

Tailored service and support network for proprietary policyholder portfolios and insurance coverages for auto and lifestyle protection.

Automotive Industry Solutions

We are specialists in the design and support of sales and distribution of mechanical warranty and protection programs for new and used vehicles. .

Travel and Tourism Industry Solutions

We offer travel insurance and travel assistance programs for offline or online distribution.
We are an Affiliate Member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Finance Industry Solutions

We develop programs to increase the sale and activation of financial products. We have insurance coverage for credit cards and financed purchases.

Leading together

You’re by our side and winning your heart is in our DNA

We want to be your strategic partner. EVOLVING with the needs of your customers and their pace of life. PROVIDING value that complements your offer. INNOVATING with differential solutions of high usability. ADVANCING hand in hand with digitalization and technology to help you attract, retain and build customer loyalty.

We are a global company operating in 23 countries, with a presence mainly in Latin America and Europe.

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