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The best assistance and protection solutions that complement your offer and help you to digitize and innovate your customer relationships.

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  • WE ADVANCE hand in hand with digitization and technology
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Today we are closer to our business partners with assistance and protection solutions that complement your offer and help you to digitize and innovate in your customer relations.



Sales tools

We provide you with the most advanced digital tools ready to integrate into your business and help you optimize your sales.

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After-sales tools

All our digital capabilities have been developed with the sole objective of improving your customers' experience. Our tools allow you to ensure multichannel communication, request a service, follow up on it and assess its quality.

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More than 20 years of business relationship with MAWDY, translates into defined processes, satisfied customers, and commitment to meet the expectations of Toyota customers at all times.


In a customer centric company like Galicia Seguros, having a partner like Mawdy who shares the same passion for customers is essential to generate continuous synergy, thus encouraging millions of people to do more.

Galicia Seguros Argentina

This partnership is undoubtedly a success. MAWDY offers us solutions and assistance services that make sense for our customers who own Yamaha motorcycles, adding value to our brand.

Yamaha Seguros Brasil

Since we started using Mawdy’s services, not only have our clients been satisfied, but we have also found an ally for our customized products for protected passengers.

BQB Seguros Uruguay

“They are our historical strategic partner that provide a wide range of services, turning emergency assistance problems into solutions, and resulting in an excellent complement to strengthen our home insurance policies”

La segunda Seguros Argentina

Nous tenons à vous adresser nos sincères félicitations suite au lancement de votre nouvelle marque MAWDY. C’est avec un grand plaisir que nous accueillons cette nouvelle et nous ne pouvons que vous exprimez nos encouragements pour cette initiative à laquelle nous croyons fortement.

Maghrebia Túnez

We have a reliable partnership for more than 15 years with MAWDY and it works perfectly. MAWDY is always seeking for new challenges and innovative solutions in the national and international markets for all ACP members.

Automóvel Club de Portugal

Having Mawdy as a strategic partner makes it possible for our clients to access different services, providing them with a plus. Together we have been building different plans and alternatives in order to provide the best service. Together we can fulfill our mission “We create future, we transform realities”

Pronto+ Uruguay

Our experience with MAWDY has been long lasting and successful. What strikes me most is the ease with which they are able to adapt to our needs in different products and services. They are always open to look for solutions that allow us to provide a better experience to our customers, generating value to differentiate us from our competitors.

Assa Nicaragua

The alliance with MAWDY has allowed us to expand the scope and benefit our customers and their families, we integrate effort with innovation and technology in health, with services that favor better quality of life conditions to more Guatemalans, reducing their vulnerability and accelerating their progress in Development Route.

Fundación Génesis Empresarial Guatemala

Thanks to the work we do together with our business partner MAWDY, our customers have the opportunity to have home assistance services that ensure, in addition to avoiding unforeseen events, a safer supply and a reliable installation.

Naturgy México

We have built a close and long-lasting relationship with MAWDY. They are strategic allies that allow us to complement our broad product portfolio with diverse services that are highly valued by our customers.

Sancor Seguros Argentina