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We offer a portfolio of complementary vehicle products for marketing and distribution.

We are specialists in mechanical warranty and protection programmes for new and used vehicles.

We also offer GAP and PPI solutions for financed vehicle purchases, in addition to other vehicle coverage.

Our solutions are complements perceived to have high added value, helping to favour purchasing decisions and increase sales, as well as providing a new source of revenue for our partners.

We adapt our solutions to the needs of each client: Vehicle Manufacturers and Importers, Banks, Leasing/Renting companies, Official Dealerships, Independent Distributors, Major Distributors and Affiliated Distributors, Networks of Repair Workshops and Automobile Clubs.

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Roadside Assistance
Complementary Roadside Services

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Travel Insurance
Travel Cancellation Insurance

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Mechanical Warranty for Vehicles
Repair Assist

Our complementary products for vehicles are provided turnkey for direct marketing by our partner’s sales network. In order to encourage sales we have our own training and commercial and marketing support network for workshops and dealerships all over the world.

All our products can be marketed under our partner’s brand.